We supply the boats,

You supply the fun!


More convenient than owning

and at a fraction of the cost.

How The Club Works

As a member you join the club, pay a low monthly or annual fee and simply make reservations to use the boats. The only additional cost is the fuel you use. The club owns the boats and pays for all the insurance, maintenance, dock space, storage, and repairs. We provide all required safety equipment along with water skis, and tow ropes for each boat. Members get unlimited use of the boats and they are available only for club members.

Membership Has Benefits

Membership in the club offers the following:     

  • Unlimited use of a variety of boats ranging from bow-riders to pontoon boats.

  • Boats conveniently docked at a marina and ready to enjoy by members only.

  • Water toys and safety equipment available at no extra charge to members.

  • Access to Bay Harbor Marina clubhouse sitting area, bathrooms and showers.

  • Maintenance, winterizing and winter storage are taken care of by CFC.

  • Liability and boat insurance paid by CFC.

  • Affordable annual membership options.

  • Unlimited basic boating training.

The Fleet

The fleet of boats consist of new and late model boats ranging in size and style. These are not rental boats, they are very well maintained, and reserved only for use by CFC club members.

water skier.jpg

Water toys and gear

are included with membership.

A variety of water skis, wake boards, tubes, ski vests, and tow ropes are available to club members at no additional cost.


Joining the club costs much less than buying a boat. Club fees are only $230 to $300 per month depending on the membership you choose. The fees include unlimited boat use plus complimentary use of the club’s water toys and marina facilities. There is a one time initiation fee, and if you move or no longer want to maintain your membership you can sell the membership to someone or transfer it to another family member. The only other cost is replacing the fuel that is used during your outing. Dollar for dollar, boat clubs are simply a better deal—and a much more trouble-free way to enjoy the lake.

Regular Membership

Unlimited use during the season. Reserve and use the club’s boats any day of the week. Just like having your own boat without all the work and expense. We cover all dockage, maintenance, storage, and insurance. All you pay for is the fuel you use.

Weekday Membership

Reservations limited to weekdays, excluding holidays and Friday after 5:00 PM. Weekend reservations are allowed after 7:00 AM if boats are available on that day.


Membership dues can be paid in advance for a year or through monthly payments.

$250/month or $3000/year for 2 reservations at any time

$275/month or $3300/year for 4 reservations at any time

$300/month or $3600/year for 6 reservations at any time

$230/month or $2760/year for 4 weekday reservations at any time

The initiation fee is $3000. This is a one time membership fee that is transferrable or can be sold by an active member at any time.

sunset wakeboarding.JPG

Mid Season Special Offer

Balance of year membership for as low as $1650 (weekday only) or $1800 (anyday).

Call 802-363-5090 for more information.


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