How does it work?

Our members join for a season, make online reservations to use the boats and their only additional cost is the fuel they use. The club owns the boats and pays for all the insurance, maintenance, dockage, storage, and repairs. We provide all required safety equipment along with water skis, and tow ropes for each boat. We also supply other water toys like tubes, wake boards, even kayaks if you’d prefer to just paddle for an afternoon. We limit the number of members per boat to insure you have ample access to boats during the boating season.

How long is the season?

May 15 to October 15 but we will keep boats in the water as long as the weather is nice.

What are reservations for?

Just like a hotel reservation, you can reserve any available boat for a date and time in the future. The more reservations you have the more future boating dates you can have reserved at any one time. If you have a 4 reservation membership then you can have up to 4 boats booked at any given time - continuously.

How often can I get a boat?

There is no limit to the number of times you can use a boat. Our program is designed to let a 4 reservation member get out for a half day (6-8 hours) every weekend or a full day (12-16 hours) every other weekend. A boat is usually available during the work week. Most 4 reservation members get out 15-20 times per season. Members at the 2 reservation level should expect to get out 8-14 times per season. This is more than the average boat owner uses during a season.

When do I have to bring the boat back?

You can be out as late as your reservation allows, even overnight. There is no need to be back in before sunset. However, you are not allowed to drive a boat after sunset. If you keep a boat out overnight you must notify our Crews Director.

Do I need a boaters license?

We accept members with no boating experience. All new members attend our orientation which includes on-the-water practice operating a boat. We take as much time as needed to get you comfortable with the boats. Every boat has a depth gauge and Lake Champlain map with navigation tips.

Do I have to return the boat filled with gas?

No. We have fuel meters on each boat to record the fuel used to five tenths of a gallon. We invoice you only for the fuel you used while you were out. If you’re out and the boat needs to be re-fueled, take it to the gas dock where they will put fuel in and charge Champlain Fleet Clubs account. Simple!

What does it cost?

A fraction of what it costs to own one of these great boats. See our Cost Comparison page for more information.

Am I liable for damage?

The club pays boaters insurance just like if you were to purchase your own boat. But you will be responsible for the $1000 deductible should you cause damage to a boat while you are using it.